Judas if you keep making that face it’ll freeze that way.
“‘Nique ta mere” means, as before, “fuck your mother.” Kora is the drummer’s name, it’s not a French word. Don’t be ridiculous.
Unrelated: Cora’s is a fabulous breakfast restauraunt.
Related to the unrelated: I now want a nutella/banana crepe with whipped cream topping. Nnng.

Whenever James and I are together in a room for more than five minutes we end up talking about the comic. Sometimes we chat on skype for a while and come up with a lot of cool ideas. Then we look at the stupid ideas that we replaced with the cool ones and say “Why did we ever thing those old ideas were cool? They are stupid.” And then we use the cool ones.
All I’m saying is that when you’re creating something it’s generally a good idea to stop, collaborate and listen.