Gchat says:

Kat: Nice kitchen yo. Look at you, drawing backgrounds. Is that your kitchen?
James: No. That is the firehall kitchen. Duh.
Kat: -_-
James: I just figured I should nail down the space at some point. Cabinets and fridges are all well and good but what the hell.
Kat: The cool thing about props is that you can imagine them being used.
James: Yup yup.
Kat: It’s like when you drew that scene in chatper 2 where they were coming out of the subway – from a reference. It made it feel more real than when ner was talking to Eury. I like it, it feels real.
James: It is real. That’s my kitchen.
Kat: So did you open some of the cupboards and draw your own place?
James: No. I just drew a random kitchen. But I have drawn enough kitchens now that I can make them in my head.

More proof that my brother is a compulsive liar.