Judas’ face? From a House episode.

Dat bike? From several bikes. Oh god that bike is so badass I love it.

On that note, yes, that is a lot of bike for a girl who is probably 85 lbs soaking wet. No, it doesn’t matter, because yes, this is the crissin’ future. That bike is capable of driving itself. Like the google car. Googlebike. Gbike. Gike. Gooke? We’re getting far afield. Anyway it can drive itself, Krelle just has to tell it where to go and hang on. The goggles, of course, let her interface with it. Obviously. Guys, that’s obvious. Why are you still hung up on this bike?

No, she does not have a license. Yes, she did the driver’s ed thing anyway. She’s just too young / has no proper ID.

God I love that bike.

This concludes chapter 3. Thanks for reading!