Kat is a highly educated and efficient mother and story-teller from Ottawa, Ontario. She likes using words like normal humans use keys and power tools. She can run AND jump, AND she has no natural predators. Her IQ can only be measured with a sextant and a compass and her angry look has a heat-point of over six hundred degrees Celsius; that can melt aluminum, silver, AND cadmium. Kat can be reached at Luckykrelle at gmail dot com.

James is an over-trained and under-employed artist and animator from Ottawa, Ontario. He likes jiu-jitsu and hitting people but also comic books and cartoons. He has several tattoos of super-heroes and villains on his arms and he is getting several more. His body temperature is three degrees above human average and he can lift a city bus. James can be reached through the blog link above, or at biard dot james at gmail dot com.