The Crew

Krelle is a 12 year old ‘site girl who doesn’t remember anything from her human life. She joined the Crew recently and is trying hard to show her new co-workers that she has what it takes.

Nerrok runs the Crew. He’s an ex-military type from the United Confederate States. He probably travelled north to Montreal to escape anti-‘site laws in the UCS, much like Joe. He also requires some kind of medical treatment from Ada, but who knows what that’s about.


Caladrys is a ‘site guy who is native to Montreal. He runs Scope Security, a private security systems company, and is a huge geek. The Crew hired him on full time when they needed to secure their territory.


Giska is an overclocked ‘site lady who enjoys kicking ass and chewing gum, preferably at the same time. Her mixed ethnicity often gets her confused for anything from Japanese to Mexican but she’s a Montrealer. She’s also a Jammer in the local ‘sites roller derby team where she routinely terrifies people twice her size.

Judas is an overclocked ‘site who has run out of fucks to give. An asshole with a serious but as-yet undiagnosed mental disorder, he tends to get “unleashed on people” more often than he is “assigned a job.” He hates many things including Adarakh and, for some reason, Krelle.


Tai is the Port Authority Guildmaster, in charge of everything that moves into or out of Montreal by ship. The port district was historically impossible to keep safe and secure but he has managed to turn that around with the Crew.



Trebaruna is a vicious archer and undifferentiated ‘site. She thinks it’s funny when you fall down. If you mess with her family your guts will be too shredded to use as garters. Who uses garters anyway? That’s stupid. Her background is none of your damned business.



Lily Troxler is a mute ex-carnie ‘site teenager who uses strong fashion statements to convince people that she is not a zombie. She can hear fine: her vocal chords were damaged in a freak accident. She goes by her human name “Lily” more often than her ‘site name “Troxler” for reasons of her own.



Frost is a tank ‘site and not afraid to show it. He is also the Crew’s accountant and repairs watches as a hobby. He has a quick mind and a ruthless streak but is fairly easy to get along with thanks to a long fuse on his temper.


Reims is a “rotter” – a ‘site who has had significant damage that isn’t healing. He is an expert swordsman and an acquaintance of Judas’.

Joe is an infected human from the United Confederate States who came to Montreal because of their ‘site-friendly laws and culture. He has no plans, no money, no job, and he’s out of whiskey.

Professor Adarakh is a Cloudie – a member of an elite group of researchers who have access to advanced technology. He is a bit eccentric. He also owns a submarine.


Brule is a currently-disconnected Cloudie engaged in private research that is surely none of your business. He may or may not have been the one who infected Krelle. He may or may not still be interested in what she is up to.


Minor Characters



Sparky works for Adarakh. He’s big into philately.



Hakk and Ivar
These guys found Krelle and took care of her for a while. Ivar was a good man who died. Hakk was a terrible person who left. Krelle learned a lot from both of them.
Steve is a zerker ‘site that runs a zerker bar in Montreal. Angie is a resistant, Steve’s girlfriend, and a total sweety. She produces music part time and works in Steve’s bar as a waitress.


Paten. Pronounced pay-den. This guy works for Brule. Looks like some kinda crazy cyborg, doesn’t he? He has a cool stick.

Dudge is a corporal in the Van Doos. If he keeps his head down and listens to Eury’s advice he might make Sergeant someday. It’s hard to keep your head down when you’re so tall though. And Eury’s advice always uses fancy words… Oh well. He’ll figure it out!



Captain Eurynine (YER-ee-neen) of the Van Doos is ambitious, meticulous, and determined. He deliberately became a ‘site in order to help advance his career in Quebec’s military.



Father Rheinhardt – “The Padre” is the founder of the Church of the Phoenix, a Christian splinter group that welcomes “God’s Gift” of the parasite. His mission is to help ‘sites and spread acceptance of their condition.



Ryni is a welder and works in Key’s shop. She likes clock-core music, dangerous and pretty things, and is currently between guys/girls.



Key is a mechanic and handyman who owns his own shop in the port district. He knows Krelle from the streets and is friendly towards the Crew.